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Welcome to Our Bookstore!

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Thank you for visiting our online bookstore!

We have a link to and there are a number of benefits for everyone concerned. By using one of our links, you can order conveniently via the Internet, directly from All titles are discounted so you can save money on all books purchased through our links, whether martial arts books or other subjects. In this way, we hope to encourage reading about the martial arts.

Here you will find three things:

  1. A list of Martial Arts books we suggest for reading.
  2. A way to search for books you don't see here.
  3. A link to the homepage.

Following are recommendations for books you might find interesting to read. Note that these are not always related to the disciplines we teach at the New York Seibukan (Isshin-ryu Karate-Do and Sosuishi-ryu jujutsu). They provide what we believe are "good reads" to round out your education of the martial arts, for learning history, philosophy, and DO ("the way"); reading on these subjects is as much a part of proper training in the martial arts as the physical exercise itself.

These books can all be bought through We provide a brief summary to help you choose what you would like to read. This list will change and grow over time, so please visit often to check whether there is anything new that we have added.

We recommend:

The Art of War (Shambhala Pocket Classics)
by Sun Tzu, Thomas Cleary (Translator)
Description:"Thomas Cleary's translation of Sun Tzu's 2000-year-old The Art of War makes immediately relevant one of the greatest Chinese classical texts. There's not a dated maxim or a vague perscription in it. 'To win without fighting is best,' Sun Tzu said. For him, war was coeval with life. Absorb this book, and you can throw out all those contemporary books about management leadership." --Newsweek

A Book of Five Rings
by Miyamoto Musashi, Victor Harris (Translator)
Description:Here are timeless principles of craft, skill, timing, and spirit from a great samurai warrior--plus background on Zen, Bushido, Heiho, and Musashi's life. You can read this book for philosophy or for content. It presents a useful paradigm for operating in the modern world, as well as an excellent mind set for martial arts.

Bushido the Warriors Code
by Ihazo Nitobe, Inazo Nitobe, Charles Lucas, Geraldine Simon
Description:Inazo Nitobe takes the time to explain the concept of Bushido in great detail while including Western examples to enable the reader to have a greater understanding of his meaning. He presents the book in various categories, ranging from the origins of Bushido, the training and positioning of women, from the education of a samurai to the gruesome details of the Hara-kiri or seppuku (ritual suicide). This book is a must for anyone who wishes to understand Bushido.

The Code of the Samurai
by Yuzan Daidoji, A.L. Sadler (Translator), Daidoji Yuzan
Description:This book, written over 400 years ago, is a unique treatise on the rules by which Japan's aristocratic warrior class lived and worked. Traces of this ancient culture are found in Japan even today.

In the Dojo: A Guide to the Rituals and Etiquette of the Japanese Martial Arts
by Dave Lowry
Description: Authoritative, insightful, and packed with fascinating stories from his own experience, In the Dojo provides a wealth of information that beginning students will pore over and advanced students will treasure.

Japanese Swordsmanship: Technique and Practice
by Gordon Warner and Don Draeger
Description:This book, in addition to its striaghtforward presentation of history, etiquette, and techniques, gives attentioin to such matters as the choice of a sword, proper dress for iai-do, and the history of swordsmanship. In the words of the authors, "Iai-do is an art that enables the exponent to contrast the concepts of 'life' with 'a life worth living.' "

Judo: A Pictorial Manual
by Pat Harrington, Betty Huxley (Photographer)
Description:This book completely groups all throws as defined in the Go-Kyo no waza. The photos are good even for beginners, e.g. they show moves from different points of view. The manual covers 40 throws, ne-waza and even some kata, but does not try to analyze moves with vector-diagrams etc. as some other literature does.

Karate-Do: My Way of Life
by Gichin Funakoshi
Description:For anyone studying the martial arts, and particularly karate, this is an essential read. It's a well written story from the perspective of one of the key founders of modern karate. If you want to understand the roots and origins, but don't want to spend time on a long-winded text, this is for you! Thoroughly enjoyable while being very informative.

Karate-Do Kyohan: The Master Text
by Gichin Funakoshi, Tsutomu Ohshima
Description:A very good resource for all serious karateka, whether one is in a traditional dojo, or not. Seeing the origins and the evolution of the style is important in any serious study of the martial arts.

Kodokan Judo
by Jigoro Kano
Description:This is "the" classic judo book. Master Kano presents a complete, accessible, overview of the wildly-popular modern martial art that he created from Japanese Jujutsu. All judoka and jujutsu practitioners should add this to their library!

Koryu Bujutsu: Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan
by Diane Skoss (Editor)
Description:Koryu Bujutsu: Classical Warrior Traditions Of Japan is the first book to be published on this topic in more than twenty years. Written by the foremost Western practitioner/writers, these eight essays are based on experiences with authentic Japanese traditions and teachers gained during decades spent living, researching, and training in Japan. Compiled and edited by former managing editor of Aikido Journal (who also holds an MLS from Indiana University, as well as a license in Toda-ha Buko-ryu naginatajutsu, an ancient warrior tradition), the book also contains thirty-three photographs, bibliographical references, a Japanese glossary with kanji, and a detailed index.

Secrets of the Samurai: A Survey of the Martial Arts of Feudal Japan
by Oscar Ratti, Adele Westbrook
Description:"Secrets of the Samurai" is a great book for both the marital arts history novice and the expert. It combines excellent writing with exhaustive research. The book chronicals the development of Japanese martial arts throughout Japan's turbulent history. It provides not only exstensive information about the many kinds of martial disciplines but also about the political and social context in which they developed. It is also fascinating to read and to look at, having many excellent illustrations. This book is perfect for the military history buff or anyone interested in the martial arts."

The Weaponless Warriors
by Richard Kim
Description:Richard Kim does an excellent job describing the development of Okinawan karate. He delves into the history of the art as well as the personalities and exploits of the masters. His stories both educate and enlighten the reader. This work is one of a very few accessable today which easily could be read by either adults OR children.... with it's lessons& parables accessable according to the readers "ability". An outstanding book.... acquire it if possible!!!!


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